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List of LEADER Projects

Theme 1: Adding value to local identity and natural and cultural resources

Examples of projects that could be supported include:

  • Piloting new ways of promoting the use and economic value of the Welsh language, including employment opportunities for Welsh speakers and increasing the take up of Welsh language in the workplace.
  • Supply chain developments between tourism providers, heritage and cultural assets and wider business sector and local communities to enhance tourism product and experience.
  • Piloting innovative ways of interpreting heritage and cultural assets e.g. adaptive use of digital technologies.
  • Development of new activities relating to our natural assets.

Theme 2: Facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains

Examples of projects that could be supported include:

  • Testing and piloting new ways of enhancing the resilience of rural businesses.
  • Pilot projects which create an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Development of new supply chains and business partnerships.
  • The development of new products and/or processes.
  • Trialling new ways of matching local people with emerging employment opportunities.
  • Piloting innovative ways of ensuring education and training is aligned to the needs of rural businesses.

Theme 3: Exploring new ways of providing non-statutory local services

Examples of projects that could be supported include:

  • Developing innovative ways to deliver non statutory services.
  • Investigate and pilot innovative ways of delivering affordable and bilingual childcare provision in line with Carmarthenshire childcare sufficiency assessment.
  • Pilot new ways of ensuring volunteer engagement in delivery of local services e.g. time banking.
  • Facilitating and piloting innovative ways of ensuring access to public transport.
  • Research and visits to other best practice project examples.

Theme 4: Renewable energy at community level

Examples of projects that could be supported include:

  • Research into sustainable products linked to agriculture/forestry sectors e.g. bio fuels.
  • Feasibility of community and on farm renewable energy through research, feasibility studies, exchange visits and pilots.
  • Projects which facilitate access to energy efficiency support measures for residents and businesses in areas of fuel poverty.
  • Projects that utilise natural resources to deliver local solutions.

Theme 5: Exploitation of digital technology

Examples of projects that could be supported include:

  • Piloting new approaches to deliver non statutory service using new technologies.
  • Projects that trial new ways of increasing the take up of digital technologies for businesses and communities.
  • Projects that facilitate and pilot innovative ways of addressing digital exclusion within rural communities and ensuring public access to digital technologies.

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