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Map of Projects

LEADER were allocated 3.3m to 66 community projects across their 5 different themes.

West Wales Angling Passport

This is a Co-operation Project within the LAG areas of Pembrokeshire (Lead LAG), Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion and its aims include linking with farms and land owners who have fishing rights, providing them with an alternative source of income; linking with accommodation providers and filling accommodation at less popular times of the year; linking with local guide/instructors; managing events to support project and working towards a sustainable, self-funding system

Radio Beca

A cooperation project between the LAG areas of Ceredigion (Lead LAG), Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire to stimulate, enable and support the communities within the three counties to create questioning and discussion clusters with the aim of broadcasting as the primary motivator. The project was set up to  deepen the understanding of the potential of social broadcasting as a powerful means of creating and sustaining community. The individual participants and the neighbourhoods which they serve will benefit simultaneously through learning, experimenting and using social and technological skills

Circular Economy and Youth Exchange

A cooperation project between JAPA, Finland (Lead) and Pembrokeshire. The main aim is to inspire and engage young people in rural areas to take part in actions towards developing a circular economy and sustainability whilst developing entrepreneurial skills. The project will gather and exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge through transnational connections and increase environmental awareness. This collaborative approach will allow ideas and learning to be shared between different countries and cultures

Feasibility Study on Sustainable Logistics Models of Food Distribution

A study commissioned as a cooperation project between Ceredigion (Lead), Carmarthen and Pembrokeshire to investigate sustainable logistic models of food distribution in the three counties. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown a rising demand for local/regional food distribution, with many businesses selling direct to customers. This trend borne out of need and accessibility, is calling attention to alternative models that support a set of social, economic and environmental values. The project will set up focus groups, analyse the current position, investigate a potential delivery model and produce a final written report

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