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Arwain Sir Benfro is the Local Action Group (LAG) for Pembrokeshire.

The Local Action Group (LAG)

PLANED was chosen as the Administrative Lead Body organisation to administer the LEADER Programme in Pembrokeshire. There was a contractual secretariat agreement in place between Welsh Government and PLANED.

Before commencing their LEADER programmes, every county was asked to establish a new Local Action Group (commonly referred to as a LAG). In Pembrokeshire, the Local Action Group was known as Arwain Sir Benfro. It brought together representatives from the public, private and community sector to deliver the Local Development Strategy (LDS) for Pembrokeshire.

The LDS identified challenges and opportunities for Pembrokeshire and provided a framework for how LEADER funds could be used in the county.

The LAG was the decision-making body that administered and approved the LEADER funding to new and innovative pilot projects across Pembrokeshire.

Arwain Sir Benfro met Quarterly and had an independent Chair, Councillor Tony Baron, and Vice Chair, Tegryn Jones, Chief Executive of PCNPA. The previous Chair, Nic Wheeler OBE, and Vice Chair, Emma Lewis of PACTO, supported over 65 pilot projects as well as Co-operation Projects with other LAGs outside Pembrokeshire and two Procured Projects for the county. 

As the LEADER Programme in Pembrokeshire draws to a close in 2021, the task is to ensure over 70 projects are all completed successfully and to promote sustainable economic activity and benefit the wellbeing of Pembrokeshire residents. The longer-term objective will be to ensure Pembrokeshire benefits proportionately from any funding that replaces the EU LEADER funds. 

Stella Hooper, External Funding Manager at the Port of Milford Haven was a member of the LAG since it was formed in 2015. Here she shares her experience of being part of the LAG.

“I represent the Port of Milford Haven on the LAG and Sub-LAG. As a Trust Port and a unique player in the local economy, we are committed to contributing to the local community where we can best add value and improve opportunities for our ultimate stakeholders – future generations. Representation on the LAG is one example of this.

“The Sub-LAG is one of the most interesting parts of being involved with LEADER, as this is where all the projects are discussed and assessed in detail.

“Over the next few years I’m looking forward to see how the projects progress against targets and want to see a comprehensive review of all projects so that we have a clear picture of what has been achieved together with recommendations for the future. We have approved many good projects that will leave a legacy of benefits to the county.”

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