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Arwain Sir Benfro and the LEADER Programme concluded in December 2021 once all projects were completed and funding exhausted. There is now no dedicated support upon the completion of the LEADER Programme in Pembrokeshire. Should you have any queries, PLANED as the previous administrators, may be able to assist, or similarly for wider questions on the LEADER Programme in Wales, please contact the Wales European Funding Office (WEFO).

If your community, organisation, group or business has an idea for an innovative project, please contact PLANED to discuss your ideas. You can email us at:


PLANED will work with its partner organisations to advise you or sign-post you to the relevant partner that we think may be best placed to assist you with your project idea. In addition to this, have a read of our Approved Projects List to see if any of the delivery organisations may be able to advise you with your idea. 


View the LEADER Projects here:


Further resources






Wales Co-operative Centre:

Please note we are currently closed to new funding applications.

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