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A Museum for the Community

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

A research project into the potential future for Tenby Museum and its visitor base. In looking a the feasibility study of the building we will hope to identify potential for innovative design and through the market research identify innovative ways to present special and vibrant content to attract, delight and inform local community and visitors. By re-ordering the building layout together with the design of exhibitions and their content, we want to be able offer an attractive sustainable venue for community use, public talks, presentations and events to place the museum at the core and as an integral part of the facilities that Tenby and surrounding area.

Project Outcomes: 

As a result of the project research and the resultant Heritage Design report and drawings, the Trustees have identified strategies to meet the needs and expectations of both local communities and visitors.  It has identified way in which we can improve our services and working with community groups.

A Community Engagement and Events Officer will be recruited through the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Fund and they will offer Outreach Programmes to encourage learning, encourage volunteering in the museum and also offer work experience for young people and those who may have been out of the job market for whatever reason.

Any possible building changes will need to be discussed with CADW and a Heritage Impact Assessment will need to be prepared before we open out any plans to interested parties and the local population.

Lessons Learned:

Our funding request and plan was to some extent restricted by our ability to match fund. We may have sought additional funding from elsewhere to increase the breadth of the research. We also underestimated the amount of volunteer and trustee involvement in the project when preparing our application.

”The report identified several short-term and medium-term measure which could help us improve community contact and increase visitor numbers.  Immediate action is planned to create more visible signage and improve the museum’s profile at Tenby’s local events.  We also aim to increase activities in the museum and art galleries, but it is critically apparent that we need staffing and volunteers to carry out this work.  The dominance of second homes in Tenby has a negative effect on the community spirit and the importance of community venues such as the Museum & Art Gallery. Through community engagement we will not only promote the museum, but also show it to be a quality community resource and a valuable and rewarding volunteer team to join.”

Project reports available here:

Tenby Museum Audience Development Report 2018

Click HERE to view

Contact Details:

Full Name:

Dr Kathy Talbot

Contact Number:

01834 842809


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