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A Museum for the Community

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

A research into the potential future for the museum and its visitor base. In looking a the feasibility study of the building we will hope to identify potential for innovative design and through the market research identify innovative ways to present special and vibrant content to attract, delight and inform local community and visitors. By re-ordering the building layout together with the design of exhibitions and their content, we want to be able offer an attractive sustainable venue for community use, public talks, presentations and events to place the museum at the core and as an integral part of the facilities that Tenby and surrounding area.

Project Achievements:

As a result we will be able to create a building layout and content to satisfy stakeholder requirements, suited to interested visitors, entice those who have not in the past visited and enjoyed museums and also extend disability access, ambulatory and visual, and ultimately increase visitor numbers to ensure a sustainable future for a museum which is relevant to the community.

Project Beneficiaries:

Local community members of all ages, local businesses, community groups, artists, etc. and visitors to the area.


Project reports available here:

Tenby Museum Audience Development Report 2018

Click HERE to view


Full Name:

Dr Kathy Talbot

Contact Number:

01834 842809


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