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Drawn Together

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

‘Drawn Together’ is a new participatory arts project which will explore in practice how the shared creative activity of drawing can celebrate identities and contribute towards community cohesion. The project aims to support and form new connections through drawing workshops throughout Pembrokeshire. Artists will work with community groups, schools, businesses, residential homes and minority groups, the workshops will travel to different areas in the county and encourage participants to draw their surroundings within the projects communal sketchbooks. All drawings entered into the communal sketchbooks will be scanned and uploaded throughout the project onto a new digital map through the Drawn Together website

Project Achievements:

The project will culminate for its final stage in exhibitions within the Senedd and the National Museum of Wales throughout The Big Draw, October 2018. Drawing sheds, sketchbooks, animations, photographs and films will form the exhibition, as well as a series of banners transcribed from drawings from the sketchbooks that will visually describe Wales, counties, towns and villages. These exhibitions will share the collaboration, connection and participation achieved through the project.

Project Beneficiaries:

We expect the project to help build creative skills and support community cohesion throughout Pembrokeshire. We expect project participants to report an improvement in their sense of wellbeing as a result of taking part; a closer connection to, and appreciation of, their communities through observing their surroundings more closely and taking part in creative activity with others; and a reported improvement in creative skills and confidence, through participating in supportive drawing workshops.

Full Name:

Renate Thome

Contact Number:

01348 872330



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