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Drawn Together

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

‘Drawn Together’ is a new participatory arts project which will explore in practice how the shared creative activity of drawing can celebrate identities and contribute towards community cohesion. The project aims to support and form new connections through drawing workshops throughout Pembrokeshire. Artists will work with community groups, schools, businesses, residential homes and minority groups, the workshops will travel to different areas in the county and encourage participants to draw their surroundings within the projects communal sketchbooks. All drawings entered into the communal sketchbooks will be scanned and uploaded throughout the project onto a new digital map through the Drawn Together website.

Project Outcomes: 

The project began with a shared learning event and here all artists and volunteers were trained in how to deliver a Drawn Together workshop.  All artists and volunteers have gone on to continue delivering workshops.  During the project we were contacted by others wanting to volunteer.  In order to go on delivering their own workshops, they first came along to one of the project’s organised events before delivering their own.  This skill-sharing, over and above their skill of drawing, has enabled individuals in the community to maintain drawing groups independently making the project sustainable.

When asked “have you been inspired to continue drawing?” 57% of people said ‘yes’ and 35% said ‘maybe’.

 “I have been able to appreciate my environment.  My pictures reminded me of who I really am, reconnecting me with creative self.”

Lessons Learned:

We learned a lot about engaging people in creative activity, particularly those who self-exclaim “I can’t draw at all!”.  We found that adults quickly passed the pencil on to their children, but it was clear how much the parents enjoyed the activity once they were encouraged and gave themselves permission to draw.

Project management wasn’t straightforward, project updates need to be regularly communicated to maintain a sense of ‘team’ as the project develops.

Contact Details:

Full Name:

Renate Thome

Contact Number:

01348 872330


Arwain Sir Benfro and the LEADER Programme concluded in December 2021 once all projects were completed and funding exhausted. There is now no dedicated support upon the completion of the LEADER Programme in Pembrokeshire. Should you have any queries, PLANED as the previous administrators, may be able to assist, or similarly for wider questions on the LEADER Programme in Wales, please contact the Wales European Funding Office (WEFO).

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