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Inspiring Pembrokeshire

Natural and cultural resources


PLANED Procured project

Project Budget:

Total £80,000… of which £80,000 LEADER

Project Description:

This project aimed to bring together the cultural sector across the Pembrokeshire County to build a strong, sustainable cultural partnership focussed on the arts in all forms.  Initially it developed an arts’ sector-led consultation exercise where interested and skilled individuals  had the opportunity to work as part of a project team leading the consultation.  The project worked collaboratively with PLANED, LAG members Sir Benfro, regional and national networks, Arts Council Wales, Pembrokeshire County Council, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Pembrokeshire residents, education providers, funding organisations’ staff and associates. 

Project Outcomes:

  • An audit of current arts’ provision in the county including an evaluation of existing activities and practice
  • A review of national and international best arts development sustainable practice and partnerships
  • Strengthened resilience within arts and wider cultural organisations and communities
  • Raised ambition in the County within the arts and wider cultural organisations and communities.

Lessons Learned:

The onset of the Covid 19 pandemic had a major impact on the scope of the project.

Contact Details:

Full Name:

Sue Davies


Arwain Sir Benfro and the LEADER Programme concluded in December 2021 once all projects were completed and funding exhausted. There is now no dedicated support upon the completion of the LEADER Programme in Pembrokeshire. Should you have any queries, PLANED as the previous administrators, may be able to assist, or similarly for wider questions on the LEADER Programme in Wales, please contact the Wales European Funding Office (WEFO).

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