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Inspiring Pembrokeshire

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

Arts Development Officer, Sue Davies, would work collaboratively with PLANED, LAG members Sir Benfro, regional and national networks, Arts Council Wales, Pembrokeshire County Council, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Pembrokeshire residents, education providers, funding organisations’ staff and associates to deliver this project to meet PLANED and other project partners’ vision, mission and aims. Sue Davies as the lead consultant would ensure personal knowledge of sites, key personnel (internal and external stakeholders), establish good relationships, listen and record their views as well as experiencing key aspects of their concerns and programmes, record developing evaluation documentation in discussion with them and collate information using computer software. It would be a very personal consultative service conducted by an expert arts’ strategic leader and manager.

Project Achievements:

This project aims to bring together the cultural sector countywide to build a strong, sustainable cultural partnership focussing on the arts across all art forms.  Initially developing an arts’ sector-led consultative exercise where interested and skilled individuals will have the opportunity to work as part of a project team leading the consultation.

  • Situation Analysis and audit of current arts’ provision in county including an evaluation of existing activities and practice
  • A review of national and international best arts development sustainable practice and partnerships and  developing a formal document – a cultural strategy for Pembrokeshire
  • A proposed project plan including a timetable for change and an outline of what  results might be expected
  • A programme of consultation with all stakeholders
  • All the above would be presented by way of comprehensive project report including findings, conclusions, costing proposals if applicable and creative recommendations building on current good arts’ practice but taking account of their vision, ambitious  development plans in particular Local Action Group for Pembrokeshire.
  • Website-enhancing arts networks in Pembrokeshire
  • Programming, funding, partnership and audience development advice and guidance
  • Team development days, celebration day

Project Beneficiaries:

Not only will the creative arts sectors in Pembrokeshire benefit, but they will in turn benefit the residents of and visitors to Pembrokeshire with their arts.

Full Name:

Sue Davies

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