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Visitor Giving Scheme

A project to investigate the concept of a visitor giving scheme in the county has been funded by Arwain Sir Benfro.

Arwain Sir Benfro – the Local Action Group (LAG) for Pembrokeshire, administered by PLANED has provided funding of £7,100 to Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership for a visitor giving feasibility study. This is funded through the LEADER programme, which is part of the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020, Funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

This feasibility study will consider a visitor giving scheme in Pembrokeshire. The proposed scheme would raise awareness of conservation issues amongst local businesses and visitors and raise funds to be spent on nature conservation projects, directed by the strategic priorities laid out in key local plans.

The feasibility study will engage with visitors and those working in and associated with the tourism and recreation sector and raise awareness of the connections between tourism and the natural environment.

Arwain Sir Benfro is currently supporting project ideas from local community groups, organisations and businesses. As the Local Action Group for Pembrokeshire, we bring together a mix of local community representatives, business, third sector, local authority partners.

LEADER is supporting all kinds of activity: mentoring, training, feasibility studies or pilot projects that test an innovative new idea. It can also be used for projects that improve local skills, make better use of a local resource or realise the economic potential of part of the locality leading to a ‘new’ outcome or product.

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