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Community vision for Clarbeston Road and Wiston

There was a packed room at Clarbeston Road Memorial Hall to discuss ideas and projects to benefit the local community.

The meeting on Wednesday 20 March saw a full room of local residents discussing ideas and projects that can be developed for the local area.  Arwain Sir Benfro LEADER and PLANED is supporting the community in developing a community vision to produce a new Action Plan that addresses current and future needs identified by local people.

It had been recognised that several groups in the area were working towards similar aims and there would be merit in collaborating to engage the wider community and to develop a co-ordinated funding strategy. St Mary’s, Wiston Church Restoration Committee, Clarbeston Road AFC, Clarbeston Road Memorial Hall Committee and Wiston Community Council all have ideas and project proposals to provide better services to the local community.

To help make this happen, staff from PLANED and Arwain Sir Benfro LEADER teams were invited to run a community visioning exercise, to create a shared vision for the future owned by the community.

The community visioning event focussed on where the community is now, the assets, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and their vision for the future. The event will lead to the production of a new Action Plan to help make the future of the community an exciting one!

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