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Bringing history to life online

The Digital Index project will add a new dimension to the Pembrokeshire Historical Society Journal, the only publication solely dedicated to the rich and diverse history of Pembrokeshire.

Arwain Sir Benfro – the Local Action Group (LAG) for Pembrokeshire, administered by PLANED have provided funding of £1,832 to Pembrokeshire Historical Society. This is funded through the LEADER programme, which is part of the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020, Funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

Speaking about the project, Ann Sayer from the Pembrokeshire Historical Society said: “The digital index will add a completely new dimension and value to the publication by enabling people, wherever they are based, to easily identify and locate the subject of their research via the internet search engines. The added benefit will be that many more people will become aware of the existence of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society  which will hopefully result in a larger active membership.”

The Pembrokeshire Historical Society was formed to bring together people who share an interest in the fascinating story of Pembrokeshire and who care that the rich heritage is preserved for the future. The historical picture is expanding rapidly as geophysical surveys, more advanced dating methods, aerial reconnaissance and advances in archaeological forensic science are revealing new sites and causing others to be re-assessed.

The digital index project will make the historical research from the Society more accessible to historians, schools and the interested public. Visitors to the website will be able to search the Journals using keywords and tags to find the subject, place or person they are interested in.

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