Y Digwyddiad (The Event)

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

Menter Iaith Pembrokeshire is a community organisation which promotes and facilitates the use of the Welsh language in every aspect of Pembrokeshire life by working with individuals, organisations and businesses in the community. Menter’s primary objectives are to raise awareness of the value of the Welsh language and culture among Pembrokeshire’s inhabitants and to promote, without exception, use of the language in every aspect of Pembrokeshire life. It is very important to us that the Welsh language develops widely across the county, particularly in those traditional heartland areas which, according to 2011 Census statistics, are deteriorating further and also in those areas where there is less Welsh used but where the importance of the language is gradually becoming apparent. Our task is to use the resources and local committees which have existed throughout the Urdd Eisteddfod in order to keep and maintain interest in moving the Welsh language forward within their communities.

Project Achievements:

We see our work as a way of extending the provision of the Welsh language in the county and improving the quality of life of the people who will be part of the project, not only linguistically but also in the community. The community ethos is fundamental to Menter’s work, Menter Iaith Pembrokeshire exists to fulfil the needs of the local community. The difference made by the project will have long term effects, giving the community stability to continue with work and activities established by Menter in the first place.

Due to current factors some areas suffer economically and as a result some find it difficult to attend activities. By offering more to the community we feel we can become a viable part of that community, become better recognised and kindle a better relationship with local people, emphasising local ownership of every plan which nurtures a stronger feeling of community in the users.

A number of successful past projects in Menter’s name demonstrate our experience, for example Ogam, Perci Penfro, Tafodiaith Sir Benfro were all successful and these projects drew great attention both locally and nationally. In order to develop ‘The Happening’ project we would be adapting our experience towards the specific objectives of this plan which are to develop the Welsh language within the county by working with young people in the field of modern music.

Project Beneficiaries:

Menter services the entire community and fulfils the county’s bilingual needs to the full extent of our ability. Resources and financial assistance are needed to accomplish this. Several areas within the county find it difficult to develop Welsh language use and regularly experience frustration. We are confident that through the activities of Menter we will be able to improve the quality of life of people who feel excluded, and by holding a series of community activities, varied trips and interesting sessions those people who might feel in the minority or on the fringes will feel that they are part of a living society and in the heart of the community.

Rhidian Evans

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