Understanding Commoning in Pembrokeshire to Add Future Value

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

The European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism (EFNCP) aims to reverse the decline of the farming types that most benefit biodiversity across Europe, by making them socially, economically and environmentally sustainable at the farm and landscape scales. We work to raise awareness and understanding of the policies and other factors that are keys to their sustainable future, by research, networking and dialogue and by networking between low-intensity farming areas.
Commons Vision’s aim is to provide practical solutions to common land and ecological issues through their consultation, ecological, environmental and management services. They provide a service to a broad client base of commoners, local authorities, national charities, statutory organisations and government. Their ethos is based on an ecosystem approach, working with the natural environment to sustain those systems which support our cultural, environmental and socio- economic needs. They aim to ensure that their impact is measurable and appropriate to the needs of the people, landscapes, habitats and species concerned.

Project Achievements:

The purpose of this first phase investigation is to establish what the current situation is on commons within Pembrokeshire, collect baseline data, examine the barriers to the exercise of rights on commons and begin to develop solutions that will lead to a second phase of activity. The second phase will initiate activities delivering practical actions that support pastoral agriculture within the county, which can also be applied more widely across Wales. The proposal is to investigate the rate of change on commons within Pembrokeshire using a combination of methods which will include face-to-face meetings with graziers and partners, the collection of historic data and the development of a robust data set from which future change can be measured as evidence to support evolving policy. Four ‘barometer’ commons will be examined in detail, which reflect the different situations found within Wales.

Project Beneficiaries:

Sion Brackenbury (technical), Gwyn Jones (administrative)

07879 557740 (SB), 07884 116048 (GJ)

sion@commonsvision.com | dgl_jones@yahoo.co.uk