The Woolly Workshops

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Project Description:

We have a genuine passion for the art of yarn bombing and would relish the opportunity to teach this uplifting art to community groups. We intend to run workshops, offering places to up to eight people in each session The initial tuition would cover the essentials for yarn bombing which consist of knitting, crocheting and needlepoint, with the view to expanding the tuition to cover felting and weaving. The group will be taught how to plan each piece of work and take appropriate measurements to ensure the work accurately fits the chosen object that is to be yarn bombed e.g. bollard, tree, lamp post etc. We envisage group members completing a finished "yarn bomb" within a six week period.

Project Achievements:

We propose to:
• By January 2018 to have run 84 woolly workshops at 2 ½ hours each session.
• By January 2018 to have up to 112 students complete the woolly workshops
• By 2019 to have collaborated with at least 10 organisations that work with marginalised groups of people

Project Beneficiaries:

We have approached numerous local organisations regarding the beneficial opportunities that could be provided from teaching “upskilling”, particularly the art of yarn bombing. They immediately recognised the positive possibilities that a local project, purposely tailored to promote social inclusion could have, and could prove to be invaluable.

Sally Williams

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