Supporting Resilient Renewable Communities

Renewable energy

Project Description:

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy (CARE) Ltd: Supporting Resilient Renewable Communities

The project will use digital technology to set up Skype seminars with renewable energy experts to inspire local people/enterprises to develop new micro renewable schemes and to work collaboratively. A part time coordinator is to be recruited and will set out a programme for 24 months and work with communities to develop the above 4 work areas. The project will initially cover North Pembrokeshire, looking to work with 10 communities. Holding events in local village halls. Working with communities to reduce carbon emission, save on energy cost of buildings and develop new community renewable ideas (including storage of energy). Events and activities will be filmed and Skype links from other community energy champions from across the world.

Project Achievements:

The project will work with 10 communities in North Pembrokeshire to focus on the following outcomes:

  • Develop community renewable enterprises
  • Use of low carbon technology within the business sector
  • Support local people with household energy improvements
  • Develop energy storage initiatives on a household and community level

Initial events at the 10 communities will identify community energy champions to establish discussion and working groups at a grass roots level.

The use of digital technology will also allow more comprehensive Skype seminars with inspirational community renewable energy experts to ignite local people to develop new micro schemes and to work collaboratively within Pembrokeshire. The project fits the LDS under theme 4 with specific reference to energy schemes. Also theme 5 digital use.

Project Beneficiaries:

This project will ensure that the activities undertaken and learning gained will be disseminated to a wider Pembrokeshire audience and the Wales Rural Network of other Local Action Groups can also engage with the learning to pass on to communities across Wales and other similar regions in Europe.

Dan Blackburn

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