St David’s Social Media City: Mobile App


Project Description:

The project is to pilot digital tourism project through a local news/info Mobile App that obtains its content from social media activity (user generated content) website links, and RSS feeds.  There is a mountain of data/information out there and this App takes the relevant specific info and displays it for the user on their request.

Project Achievements:

The design concept of this app is completely new in that input is searched automatically from existing platforms and media. Therefore, there is no requirement from businesses or others to input their news or information. By joining the app, users can follow up to the minute activities and news related to the St David’s area. Content for the app will be gathered from specific feeds e.g. from social media feeds from Twitter. #stdavids  #eatstdavids #artstdavids #musicstdavids #shopstdavids  #adventurestdavids etc. Many people and businesses already post regularly so no new skills need to be learned and updates will be live.  Training will be offered to any business that requires help in creating content.

The data will disseminate via the St David’s App to interested people selected broadly or focused on their specific interest.

Project Beneficiaries:

Individuals; tourists; businesses; community groups; community organisations.

Douglas Malein

07977 076792