Solva Care PIP

Local services

Project Description:

The PIP (Prevention, Integration, Partnership) project will develop and implement a total model of care.

Project Achievements:

The Trustees will appoint a PIP Development Assistant to work with Trustees, the Co-ordinator and all relevant agencies on the protocols and procedures necessary to deliver PIP to:


  • co-ordinate paid carer and volunteer activities
  • negotiate protocols and joint working procedures with paid domiciliary Care Firms and with private, paid carers
  • facilitate joint working arrangements between the volunteer team and the paid Domiciliary Carers
  • work to support local private carers in getting training and in establishing micro enterprise businesses to deliver care
  • work in partnership with local surgery, LHB and Social services to build a preventative health care programme in order to delay or eliminate early decline into ill health, isolation and dependency
  • support the use of Direct payments option and work with Diverse Cymru to establish a direct payments support group
  • work with Third sector groups, statutory services, local surgery, school, local clubs and groups (Boatowners, Business Group, Sailing and Watersports club etc) to build up a programme of activities to support the programe of preventative health and social care measures
  • share good practice and benefit from learning to come out of the project by developing a programme/toolkit aimed at supporting and encouraging other small rural communities seeking to set up their own community based care delivery system

Project Beneficiaries:

Our project will be based in Solva and PIP will benefit an increasing number of people in the community via the preventive healthcare programme and the development of activities aimed at extending the numbers of people taking part.

Mollie Roach

07807 091611