Sharing Local History


Project Description:

The project is being delivered by the Five Communities Group and it will commence with the establishment of a steering group with a minimum of one person from each of the five history groups. These societies encompass 8 villages and 1 town in Pembrokeshire. All the societies involved are on a continuum of progress in cataloguing and archiving their resources. Full membership of these groups is in excess of 200, with others from the locality attending events or lectures.

A suitably qualified person will be employed on a two-year basis under the management structure of PLANED and each area will have an equal designated timeframe. Each society will have an individual strand in the newly created website ‘Heritage Pembrokeshire’ and will complement other local websites e.g. Explore Pembrokeshire.

This process will develop and strengthen heritage links between the five communities creating a deeper awareness of a sense of place. This supportive network will benefit all groups in researching and delivering future projects and can act as a prototype for linking other history societies in the future.

Project Achievements:

This project has the potential to make a difference to individuals who have collected vast amounts of stored heritage information, photographs and family stories and histories. These will now become a shared resource and available to all. The project will demonstrate the wealth of heritage in Pembrokeshire from the Mesolithic period to modern times and will encourage heritage tourism e.g. the family history trail of the De La Roche family which has already attracted family members from Canada, Australia and the USA.

Project Beneficiaries:

The project will benefit these specific areas of Pembrokeshire – Pembroke, Monkton, Penally, Dale, Marloes, St Ishmaels, St Brides, Hook and Llangwm – together with other surrounding areas that do not host a history society.

The project beneficiaries will include the various members of the groups themselves as well as some of the 21 heritage groups – local museums, castles and other History Societies in Pembrokeshire.

Elizabeth Rawlings

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