Rural Community Land Trust

Local services

Project Description:

The project proposal is a two-year pilot with the aim of developing a Community Land Trust for Pembrokeshire. This activity is noted in the LEADER intervention logic table and the LDS document.

Project Achievements:

The pilot project would employ a Community Land Trust officer to focus and report on the following key activities:

  1. The need for rural housing
  2. Alternative rental affordable housing
  3. Demand for self-build sites
  4. Cohousing solution
  5. Supporting communities identify and address an ageing population profile and discrepancy in house pricing.
  6. Investigate and pilot skills development for self-build projects
  7. Develop a land and buildings audit with support from the County Council.
  8. Supporting the Council planning department – e.g. exception sites
  9. Increase permanent occupancy rates of coastal villages
  10. Drawing-in investment capital – group applications.

Project Beneficiaries:

Rural Pembrokeshire, young families, older people, local communities

Andy Dixon

01834 860965