Project Dynamo

Renewable energy

Project Description:

This project is a scoping study. New House Farm wants to diversify into wind and solar power generation, possibly backed up by battery storage.

Project Achievements:

The aim is to provide electricity to the local community including businesses rather than to the national grid through feed in tariffs. The project will need to establish the energy needs of the local communities and means by which energy generated at New House Farm could be supplied. Establishing grid constraints will define the geographic community to be engaged.

Project activites will include:
• Reviewing the energy needs of the community in terms of base loads and peaks, and researching distribution options.

• Calculating the energy generation capacity of New House Farm and establishing the ideal combination of solar, wind and battery storage, as well as use of local grid network and smart meters.

• Review regulatory framework and constraints with District Network Operator and Local Planning Authority.

• The early work on capacity, consumption, connection and constraints would define the distribution network and level of engagement required. A first stage would be to engage with neighbouring business users who have identifed a need for renewable energy supplies.

• A second stage based on practical distribution constraints, will be to engage target communities with a view to exploring models of community ownership leading to community energy benefits, learning from other community energy schemes.

• Sharing best practice and lessons learned, producing a pathway for other farm businesses/land managers to follow.

Project Beneficiaries:

The project will be based at New House Farm, Canaston Bridge. The project will benefit local businesses and their sustainability in both energy and economic terms in the Martletwy, Narberth and Templeton area.

The lessons learned and information sharing would be directly beneficial to Pembrokeshire through dissemination and available worldwide thorough web based publication of the case study.

Paul Ratcliffe

01834 891224