Postcards & Podcasts

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

Blending ancient and modern, Postcards and Podcasts will connect young people with their community and heritage. We will provide training in digital technologies, photography and film, promote our heritage and give young people the skills and professional portfolios to establish new enterprise and stimulate tourism. Funding will be used to establish a one year ‘seed’ project, which is part of a broader project concept supported by a diverse range of local organisations. This funding enables us to run the first year of our Postcards and Podcasts project to create new work for young people in our area that also nourishes the heritage and tourism upon which we depend. The first year is about building links with heritage organisations and other partners, creating a forum to develop a shared vision, developing digital skills and starting to build a global online presence for our area. The funding will support one young person into part-time employment as a Heritage Coordinator for our area to work with up to 30 local heritage organisations who support or are interested in our project. It will also fund 3 more young people as Heritage Ambassadors to work part-time directly with these organisations.

Project Achievements:

The funding will provide training in digital marketing skills for the 4 young people over the first year, utilizing cutting-edge equipment that has already been secured as match for the project. They will begin to develop programming expertise and create a video series, website and other online media promoting our area.  With expert mentoring they will build the brand of our area using global online platforms and social media to spread awareness of the heritage and culture of our area and to stimulate tourism.

Project Beneficiaries:

The project will be based at the Tanyard Youth Project in Pembroke and will benefit all Pembrokeshire through engagement of local heritage organisations, particularly the areas where they are based.

Sue Lines

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