Pembrokeshire Flagship Heritage Attraction Study

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

The project is to undertake a detailed and robust feasibility study to test the achievability of the vision of transforming Haverfordwest Castle into a top quality heritage attraction that attracts both local people and visitors to the county town.

The study will look in depth at the feasibility and costs of delivering the project, both in capital terms and how the project could be sustainable in revenue terms.

Project Achievements:

A partnership of 12 organisations across the public, private and third sectors have been working together over the last two years with the vision of creating a Flagship Heritage Attraction in Haverfordwest telling the story of Pembrokeshire.

The two principal objectives for the project are to make much more of the county’s heritage, which is underutilised in terms of cultural tourism, and to attract more visitors to assist with the regeneration of the County town.

Project Beneficiaries:

The project will be based in Haverfordwest but the ultimate outcome, i.e. the creation of a flagship heritage attraction at Haverfordwest Castle, will tell the story of all of Pembrokeshire. It will signpost visitors to different attractions across the County by providing a taste of some of the counties histories/heritage and encouraging visitors to go to the actual locations to find out more.

Mike Cavanagh

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