Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum – Marine Energy Supply Chain


Project Description:

The marine renewable energy (MRE) sector opportunity will provide supply chain diversification and
clustering which will support Pembrokeshire. Businesses in Pembrokeshire are well placed to grow
their business in the sector in key areas such as foundations, marine operations, consultancy
services, consenting and components.
The Supply Chain Development project will provide a baseline understanding of the MRE supply
chain in Wales, identifying those companies already working in the sector and those with strong
potential to diversify

Project Achievements:

The key questions that this will seek to answer are:-
To what extent are relevant companies in Pembrokeshire:
 knowledgeable about the marine energy sector and potential opportunities
 capable or have the potential capability to supply into the offshore energy sector
What is the current:
 level of commercial activity and engagement
 baseline in terms of jobs, skills and economic value
 where are the perceived gaps and barriers preventing growth in the sector
Importantly, the scoping and opportunity assessment will also look at the type of support that
companies need to penetrate the sector and will provide recommendations in a report to take the
findings forward.
The key outputs of the project include:
 A database compiled of Pembrokeshire companies with marine renewable energy (MRE)
 A Supply Chain Capability Assessment Report to include:
 Review of the database, interview of supply chain companies and development of relevant
industry case studies (e.g. Mainstay Marine)
 Capability mapping including a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
assessment of the supply chain database
 Geographical mapping of the supply chain alongside the current planned and existing
projects within proximity
 A report providing recommendations

 Where feasible, a listing of Pembrokeshire supply chain companies on the Marine Energy
Supply Chain Gateway (MESCG), an interactive portal to support UK’s marine energy supply
chain and MEP websites, providing a means through which to engage the companies

Project Beneficiaries:

It is intended that the work could also be used as input other areas such as a wider skills study, port
and infrastructure requirements.

Louise Rigby Williams

01646 405695