Pembrokeshire Car Chums Feasibility Study

Local services

Project Description:

We propose to carry out a feasibility study to assess the potential for encouraging and facilitating lift-sharing in Pembrokeshire and the extent to which this could help to address unmet transport needs within and around the County.

Project Achievements:

We propose to:
-Investigate liftshare schemes and approaches which work successfully in other rural areas across the UK/Europe (through desk/phone research, fact-finding visits and networking); -Carry out a feasibility study to understand the real or perceived barriers to lift-sharing in Pembrokeshire, what lift-sharing arrangements already exist and what makes these successful; -Work with existing venues (such as community halls or theatres) and activities (such as adult education classes, clubs or groups) where people will be travelling to the same place at the same time to assess the opportunity for lift sharing to help existing, and attract new, participants; -Identify and assess potential operational models for a pilot scheme in Pembrokeshire (including potential to work with existing lift-share database providers to provide the “back-end” engine for the service, and more community based “low-tech” models etc.). -Develop and cost out a proposal for the way forward.

Project Beneficiaries:

People living in rural communities. People/households with low incomes.

Debbie Johnson

01437 776550