Newport Medieval Pottery Kiln – Interpretation

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

Additional resources for research and interpretation design to produce 10 panels and a short film about the kiln.

Project Achievements:

The interpretation we devise through this project must:

  • create an individual and memorable heritage visit
  • use engaging, interactive methods in high quality product
  • secure effective learning experiences for the full range of visitors
  • attract new audiences
  • inspire and engage through first class interpretation for all learning styles
  • broaden and extend the reach of our audiences beyond the traditional heritage visitor
  • be culturally accessible for a range of audiences and bilingual, given in Welsh and English
  • be cognizant of barriers to accessing the site in organisational and transport terms
  • involve audiences in developing effective interpretation by telling stories that are relevant to and that resonate with them
  • work effectively in a wide-ranging cultural partnership

Project Beneficiaries:

Residents, locals, tourists and Pembrokeshire as a whole.