Narberth Community Fridge

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Project Description:

NDCSA, the community association and charity that operate Bloomfield House Community Centre intend to establish Wales’ first permanent Community Fridge and Larder. The association are seeking funding to employ a part time Project Coordinator to steer the project for 2 years. Community Fridges are a great way of stopping good food ending up in the bin. They’re housed in public, accessible places, making surplus perishable food freely available to members of the public. Surplus food is provided by local businesses or members of the public and is then available to members of the community. They work on an honesty basis. The association intend to employ a part time Coordinator to engage volunteers, establish the project at Bloomfield and introduce the community fridge concept to Pembrokeshire. The Coordinator will also be tasked with creating awareness raising events at Bloomfield using some of the donated items from the community fridge and setting up a social media network

Project Achievements:

The Community Fridge and Larder will be the first permanent one in Wales (There is currently a pop-up in Fishguard operated by one of the partner organisations, Transition Bro Gwaun) and the Coordinator will be the first post of its kind in Wales. Surplus food redistribution and community fridges are an innovative way of dealing with the substantial food waste issue that is prevalent in the UK. The project seeks to change people’s attitudes to food waste and destigmatise surplus food use. The fridge will be fitted with a webcam to enable users to view items from home, the sharing app Olio will be used along with a social media alert system that users can sign up to and the Bloomfield Bus will be used to distribute food items.

Project Beneficiaries:

Beneficiaries will include Bloomfield users, the wider community, local community groups, local businesses, (through corporate social responsibility/kudos) and the environment (reducing food waste going to landfill).

Janine Perkins

01834 860293