Mobile College of Wellbeing

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Project Description:

The Mobile College of Wellbeing: During our counselling work, we realised many people would benefit from community training courses to help them to develop coping skills to deal with the issues that life brings, especially those with young families and those in extremis. We want to improve awareness and access to our counselling services and develop a Wellbeing Surgery comprising of no-cost short pre booked appointments and/or drop ins across the county. Below is an outline of our scoping project term + subsequent terms which we wish to base at village halls across the 4 areas of Pembrokeshire- North, South, East and West, but we cannot do this without funding.

Project Achievements:

We are conscious of the fact the rurality of Pembrokeshire and lack of public transport maybe a barrier to many people who would otherwise wish to attend this course. So in 2017, as well as offering the course in Narberth , we want to start to extend this to become a mobile service which can operate from other locations if required. Initially these will be Community run Courses at Community Halls, but we also wish to develop Organisational Courses in workplaces in the future. The mobile service will also offer short drop in counselling sessions in the same locations as the courses are delivered.

Project Beneficiaries:

Based in Narberth but it will benefit communities across Pembrokeshire as it is rolled out.

Linda Edwards

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