Medieval Pottery Kiln Community Project – Newport

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

This project proposes to create a new tourist attraction that will enhance the cultural heritage tourist experience, delivering social and economic benefits, learning and vibrancy to Newport and the surrounding local area. The main project includes funding for a Project Manager, Education and Community Engagement programme.

Project Achievements:

This project seeks to ensure that our community can exploit the opportunities offered by a hitherto untouched late medieval monument in two ways; one to realize the economic potential it offers for developing heritage tourism in order to benefit the Pembrokeshire, and, equally important, use the project to uncover Newport’s medieval history involving all ages of the community by offering opportunities to participate through volunteering, educational events and community activities.

The Project Manager (Heritage Community Coordinator) will create and develop the education and volunteer programs and interpretation, to oversee the capital work; recruit and organise local volunteers, their training and up-skilling; to work on links between local businesses, providers of the tourist industry and locals in the area in order to create a project that will bring benefits to all of Pembrokeshire.

The project will create 60 volunteer opportunities and provide relevant training. A key feature of the project is to up-skill local people of all ages. Training in historical research, events management, marketing, first aid and catering will be provided. We will also train people up as local history guides for event weekends at site of the kiln as well as around the historical sites of interest in and around Newport. A diverse and exciting program of community activities will be carried out to engage and bring together the community under the umbrella of shared heritage.

Project Beneficiaries:

  • Young people (under 24 years old) 1000
  • Older people (over 60 years old) 1000
  • Women 7,000
  • Welsh Speakers 7,000
  • Black, ethnic and minority groups 200
  • Individuals with disabilities 200
  • Farming households 500

Mrs Siobhan Ashe