Innovative Heritage

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

The Innovative Heritage project’s aim is to take community heritage initiatives into the digital sphere and progress the Echoes Network’s ecomuseum work. The project will provide support, mentoring and training so heritage groups learn new skills and engage a wider range of people to ensure a sustainable future. It will contribute to developing the Pembrokeshire ecomuseum movement to make heritage tourism an area-based and year-round experience. Harnessing digital technology to interpret collections and trialling new techniques, it will help to create innovative, high quality tourism products.

Project Achievements:

The project will work closely with five communities to explore digital applications in a heritage context and deliver a training programme tailored to communities’ needs, so that they feel confident and skilled to develop their digital ideas into heritage tourism products.  The project will capture digital lessons learned and feed into next stage and into the Ecomuseum Toolkit. The project will also facilitate ‘Echoes Network’, sharing of ideas and peer-to-peer mentoring.

Project Beneficiaries:

Communities involved in the project, old and young; as well as visitors to the area.

Stuart Berry

01834 8602965