Henry VII Visitor Centre Feasibility Study

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

This feasibility study is a vital first step in the development of the proposed Henry VII visitor centre. The Henry VII visitor centre is a project for regeneration, capitalising on Pembroke’s prestigious heritage, as a source of the Tudor dynasty. Pembroke would be start of a Tudor heritage trail extending from Pembroke to the Bosworth Centre, then to Leicester, a complete ‘Wars of the Roses’ experience.

Project Achievements:

The feasibility study will explore location and viability and will directly lead towards the provision of a unique and memorable visitor experience of national importance, as well as contributing to Pembroke’s regeneration and an education resource with links to the National Curricullum.

The Feasibility Study is available here.

Project Beneficiaries:

Community of Pembroke and wider area.

Mrs Suzie Thomas

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