Feasibility Study for Marine Equipment Testing Area (META)

Renewable energy

Project Description:

The purpose of this proposed feasibility study for a META is to understand barriers for development and highlight collaborative solutions for resolution, with the ultimate aim to enable the nurturing of local development and skills to realise economic potential in the ‘new’ marine energy market.

Project Achievements:

The Pembrokeshire region is uniquely positioned with a significant and diverse ocean energy resource close to population and port and situated within a well-established energy centre. Marine Energy Pembrokeshire is a leading organisation in the Welsh marine energy developing industry, with membership expanding from 8 to over 90, including worldwide technology developers and Pembrokeshire supply chain companies. There have been multiple site visits from companies looking at Wales as a potential location. A critical need from these companies is the importance of a device/component testing area along with the supporting supply chain capability during project development phase, to de-risk larger scale deployment. The Milford Haven Waterway is an ideal location for sea testing due to the diverse resource climates within proximity to the Port and local supply chain skilled in the energy sector. The feasibility study will examine the best process and associated costs for the development of a Milford Haven
Waterway facility for marine renewable devices. It will include:-
 Review of existing evidence within the UK and how META fits with offerings in other regions
 Research through the MEP working group to examine the requirement and potential for
 Working with Port and regulatory authorities to understand process of developing test area
within the Haven (e.g. licensing, conservation and other spatial requirements)
 Assessment on how to best promote META to increase Pembrokeshire attractiveness as
base for operations
 Provide process and recommendations for the development and subsequent best promotion
of a marine equipment test area

Project Beneficiaries:

Recommendations and subsequent development will potentially support marine energy device developers, supply chain companies and universities in developing new products and services, through the future creation of a marine energy test area.

Jess Hooper

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