Eco Champions for Pembrokeshire

Local services

Project Description:

This project will pilot a 2-year programme of appointing an Eco Champion officer to work with Town and Community Councils to identify Eco Champions in their area. The dissemination of training materials and providing training to the Eco Champions would ensure that there would be a large team of individuals with the knowledge to advise local residence. This project is an innovative solution for the need to meet the recycling targets for Pembrokeshire and with support the delivering of a possible new kerb side collection services for the county.


Project Achievements:

The project is intended to support specific development of community Eco Champions and creating community Eco groups in Pembrokeshire. A new Community Eco network will provide a means of increasing knowledge and identifying best practice for how to offer local people a chance to be involved with waste and recycling initiatives within their community and monitor the recycling levels.

Project Beneficiaries:

There are 77 town and community councils in Pembrokeshire and it is hoped to have at least 3 champions from each area. This will see a total of over 200 champions for the county.

Richard Brown

01437 775828