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Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

Dyfed Archaeological Trust maintains and enhances the regional Historic Environment Record, which is used for a variety of purposes including a basis for providing historic environment advice to a wide range of organisations and individuals, a source of information on the historic environment for community groups, local history/archaeological societies, students, academics and anyone else with an interest in archaeology and history. Information is mostly held in digital format, with the core data made publically available through the Archwilio website – This is a map-based database/website. However, a common criticism from users of the HER is that it is difficult to understand the geographic data, as it is ‘point’ data and not polygonal data. This means that a large monument, such as a hillfort, is represented by just a single dot on the map, and, due to the vagaries of grid referencing, this dot is not always over the monument. Ideally the full geographic extent of the monument would be shown as a polygon.

This pilot project will establish the methodology and procedures for creating digital polygons of sites and monuments recorded on the Dyfed Historic Environment Record, drawing on best practice developed elsewhere in the UK and Europe. As part of the project, following establishment of the methodology and procedures, polygons will be created for sites and monuments in three community council areas in Pembrokeshire.

Project Achievements:

The main outcomes of the project will be a more easily understood and thus more useful Historic Environment Record; a better maintained, conserved and promoted historic environment; better promotion of sustainable development that will not impact on the environment. The project will also provide opportunities for individuals to participate and learn new digital skills.

Project Beneficiaries:

The main beneficiary will be a better understood and better managed historic environment. Others include all who have an interest in the historic environment, or are historic environment stakeholders.



Creation of polygonal data for the historic environment record pilot study

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