Community Assets Fund Pilot


Project Description:

The project aims to develop an on-line cloud based platform to allow Pembrokeshire communities to easily raise funds for maintaining local assets and facilities such as playing fields, play equipment, village halls, notice boards and so on. The concept of the fund is that individuals pay a £1 a week and then sees 50p of the £1 used for supporting community assets and facilities. The remaining 50p is split between regular prizes and running costs of the fund, but a centre fund will also evolve for specific non-locational projects. With the need to safeguard local services and support the maintenance of local assets there is now a clear opportunity to ask local people to support in the maintaining and development of local assets and facilities.

Project Achievements:

The project will pilot an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that will allow each individual community group to use direct debit and credit card facilities to draw in a £1 a week from locals to be members of the fund. There will be regular prizes and 50p in every pound will come back to the community that the member lives in. We aim that this pilot will allow 20 communities to test the CRM platform and to gain much needed funds for community improvements.  This project idea has been developed from volunteers who have been running such a fund for the past 10 years. Having a CRM online platform will allow this initiative to be replicated across Pembrokeshire. As we see public sector services having to cut budgets and reduce direct support for community playing fields and other facilities, a pilot such as this could provide a boost to community fundraising to ensure local assets and facilities are maintained.

Project Beneficiaries:

Naturally it would be hoped that more than 100 people would join the local initiative in each community and realise greater revenue. An innovative and cooperation approach would allow central promotion of the scheme across Pembrokeshire. The key to minimising central overheads is an effective new online platform to handle direct debits, local community database of members and the central coordination would see effective recruitment of new members. Members would also be encouraged to volunteer to support the community assets and facilities.


Jennifer Thomas

01239 831968