Co-housing Community Pilot

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Project Description:

Cohousing is a form of group living, which clusters small, individual homes around a ‘common house’ – which is the hub of the community with its own kitchen/dining/activity room, shared laundry and vehicles, guest rooms and craft rooms/workshops.  The overall site and shared facilities are owned/managed by the residents.

Cohousing Hafan Las is a group wishing to create a close, supportive community, with a good mix of people at different stages of life, but at least 1/3 of people over 50.  By building a community of mutual support we are demonstrating a positive approach to all stages of life, embracing new possibilities and having an active involvement in the creation and management of the project. We want to be a show case for groups to visit and learn from our experience, and encourage more examples of this model of living in Pembrokeshire

Project Achievements:

We will be documenting the process of design, financing and building the physical community, and intend to create a videoed timeline of the building project itself.  Our legal model, policies and procedures, and our approach to the project will be shared with community groups, and we are keen to pass on any knowledge, skills and experience gained through the project.

Project Beneficiaries:

We intend that the majority of residents in our community will be from the locality – Fishguard, and Pembrokeshire as a whole.  There may be a few from outside the area, but our publicity is predominately aimed at local communities.

Jan Waite

01834 860071