Building Pembrokeshire’s Capacity to Care


Project Description:

Building Pembrokeshire’s Capacity to Care will use the Community Catalysts methodology to support the development of a network of micro-providers and social enterprises providing a range of flexible, person-centred and high quality local care, support and well-being services that give people real choice and control over their care.

The 2-year project will support the setting up of local micro-enterprises or social enterprises to offer a range of care, support and well-being services that support people to live independently for longer in their own homes and communities.  The project will also work with embryonic or established micro and social enterprises, who want to improve their governance and business practices and/or develop new services to meet identified needs.  In addition, the project will help service commissioners and practitioners to understand what needs to change (culture, systems and pathways) and will then help them to implement those changes to bring about a transformation in the way domiciliary care and support services are provided in Pembrokeshire.

Project Achievements:

The project delivery model described above takes on board the feedback received on the initial Expression of Interest. It combines specialist support from an external partner with the expertise, experience, knowledge and networks of two local organisations, who have worked together many times in the past.  The revised delivery model offers a great opportunity to embed the Community Catalysts approach in Pembrokeshire.

The project fits under Theme 2 of the LDS – Facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains – and contributes to the following specific strategic objectives:

  • Network activity – sharing good practice, information, skills development and ideas for business
  • Increase focus on business – improving profitability and ensuring sustainability by enhancing business skills
  • Support and increase role of social enterprise
  • Support opportunities for potential applicants to pool ideas, funding and risks in a partnership
  • Promote opportunities for businesses to diversify or empower people to investigate self employment options including the possibility for a number of individuals with a shared interest and assorted skills sets to work together
  • Offer mentors for those who are either establishing a business for the first time or looking to expand and require support to consider their options

Project Beneficiaries:

The people of Pembrokeshire.

Sue Leonard

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