what is LEADER?

LEADER is a community-led, bottom-up approach that encourages cross-sector partnership working, networking and cooperation.  The focus of the scheme is Community-Led Local Development (CLLD), and this is achieved by empowering Local Action Groups (LAGs) in the process of their own rural Development and allocating resources to them for this purpose.

LEADER is based on seven principles:

The LAG Arwain Sir Benfro is the decision-making body for allocating LEADER funds to projects in Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire has a Local Development Strategy (LDS) a five year plan of activity that provides the framework for how LEADER funds are used in the county.

The Local Development Strategy (LDS) covers 5 themes:

The Local Development Strategy (LDS) document outlines needs and opportunities identified for Pembrokeshire.
Local Development Strategy (PDF)

All projects supported by the LAG must fit with the priorities set out within the LDS

Local Development Strategy

Arwain Sir Benfro has a Local Development Strategy (LDS) – a five year plan of activity that we would like to see supported in Pembrokeshire. It contains a set of rural development actions and objectives.

The document was written after analysis and consultation in the county in 2014 and is reviewed annually. It identifies key areas for development and support which will ensure Pembrokeshire is prosperous and that it remains vibrant and special. The plan is a mandate for Arwain Sir Benfro to offer support for projects that can meet the needs identified. This process helps provide the LAG with a built-in ‘bottom-up’ direction for their LEADER work.

LEADER can support:

Mentoring/Expertise – revenue costs for people who can provide particular kinds of support to organisations and groups to help them develop their own skills and expertise. This is a different approach to training.

Training – revenue costs, though some small items of equipment might fall within the scope of training, for the development and delivery of more formalised courses to groups of people.
Research/Feasibility Studies – revenue costs for a combination of staff time and consultancy costs to undertake the background research for a specific problem or issue and the production of a comprehensive written appraisal of the issues, the alternative solutions, the financial costings, a detailed risk analysis and recommendations for the next steps.

Pilot Projects – small scale or limited term projects to test out a concept or try an innovative technique within the LAG area. Can contain revenue or capital expenditure within the capitalisation limits set out in the guidance.

Match funding

Arwain Sir Benfro can provide financial support of up to 70% of eligible cost towards the cost of a project. The applicant must contribute a minimum of 30% of total eligible costs. This match funding cannot be sourced from any other European Grant.

The 30% match funding may be provided in the form of either cash or in kind contributions from the public, private or third sectors. Please contact the PLANED office on 01834 860965 to verify the eligibility of in kind match funding.

In kind contributions are services, items or products donated to the project by an individual or organisation where no cash transaction took place. All in kind contributions provided as match funding must satisfy the EU funding regulations (copies of regulation leaflets are available on request).

LEADER Guidance Notes (PDF)


Please be aware that any ideas submitted to Arwain Sir Benfro become the intellectual property of the Local Action Group – and as such may be developed and shared in the spirit of LEADER for the benefit of the county.