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Wavehill Survery

As part of the LEADER programme across Wales, Wavehill, has been commissioned to evaluate the Wales LEADER programme and we are writing to you as someone who has been part of the programme to complete a short survey, detailed below.

I would stress that this survey is different to the one which is currently being circulated as part of a study of LEADER, commissioned by DG AGRI, being undertaken by the University of Gloucestershire and CCRI. This survey is focused on the LEADER programme in Wales, commissioned by the Welsh Government.

In addition to the Wales wide evaluation, Wavehill are also undertaking the Arwain Sir Benfro evaluation of the LEADER programme

A survey of those that have been involved in the LEADER programme in Wales

This is a survey of individuals that have been involved in the LEADER programme in Wales in some way. That includes those who have received funding from the programme, those involved in the management and delivery of the programme, Local Action Group members and so on. 

The survey is being undertaken as part of an evaluation of the LEADER programme in Wales which has been commissioned by the Welsh Government. We would be grateful if you could spend some time completing this questionnaire which is a very important part of the evaluation.

The information that you provide will be held in strict confidence and only be used for the purposes of this evaluation. You can find out more about the data that will be collected, how it will be used and how it will be stored here:

Please feel free to forward this email and/or the link to the questionnaire to friends or colleagues that you believe would have an interest in it. We’re keen to ensure that the survey engages with as many people and as broad a group of people as possible.

Here is a link to the questionnaire:


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