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Poppit Path

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

The construction of a multi use path from St Dogmaels to Poppit Sands will promote the use of walking, bicycles, wheelchairs and pushchairs along the route which will contribute to a low carbon environment by reducing the use of automobiles on the route.

The multi- use path will reduce the carbon footprint of the area as it will encourage less car use which will help enhance the natural environment. The path will contribute to social cohesion as more people use alternative transport means along the route and will not be confined to automobile cabins. Community involvement in the path will further enhance social cohesion as it is planned to create support groups.

The project will encourage people to walk, run and cycle/ wheel to and from Poppit Sands. This will promote a healthier lifestyle for all users.

Grwp Llwybr Poppit Path Group was founded as a response to community interest expressed via petitions and other events. The group works with the community and other interested parties including, St Dogmaels Community Council, Pembrokeshire County Council (Chief Executive and County Councillor), Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (Chairperson & National Trail Officer), St Dogmaels Footpath Group/Llwybrau Llandudoch, Keep Wales Tidy, Ysgol Llandudoch, Poppit Sands Surf Lifesaving Club, RNLI Cardigan.

Project Achievements:

Community consultations have led to this project being included in three local development plans. A 640 strong online petition and a 433 strong handwritten petition have been created which clearly support the need for a multi- use path. A community consultation event in March 2014 further endorsed the project.

Landowner liaison has been led by Mr Mike James, Pembrokeshire CC County Councillor, and Chairman, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

There have been 3 public events in liaison with Keep Wales Tidy which were well supported and included members from all sections of the community. These included a walk to raise awareness and several beach clean events.

Project Beneficiaries:

St. Dogmaels Footpath Association have done some preliminary surveying and consultation work; the documentation of which they have passed on to Grwp Llwybr Poppit Path Group.


  • To develop a multi-use path ( for pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair and buggy users) from St Dogmaels to Poppit Sands. Currently these users have to share the narrow (usually single lane) highway with motorised traffic. The aim of this application is to seek funding for a feasibility study to assess the hurdles to be overcome to make this a reality.
  • To provide or enhance access to the coast and countryside within the Llandudoch and Poppit area for all people without discrimination, with the object of improving the conditions of life for local people and visitors alike
  • To improve the environment and people’s understanding of the environment.

Project Feasibility Study reports available here:

Feasibility Study for the Development of a Multi-Use Path between St. Dogmaels and Poppit Sands, Pembrokeshire.

Feasibility Study for the Development of a Multi-Use Path between St. Dogmaels and Poppit Sands, Pembrokeshire. Phase 2 – Assessment and Planning

Full Name:

Tom Wells

Contact Number:

07791 669339


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