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Local Energy Action Force (LEAF)

Natural and cultural resources

Project Description:

This innovative pilot will engage five local communities aiming to generate and trade sustainable energy. The project will recruit one part-time Project Manager and three Project Officers; recruit 5 clusters of 3-5 ‘project champion’ volunteers; deliver an intensive programme of  activities engaging citizens at community events / on the doorstep / through online / print media; build CEP’s capacity as a hub for five key projects acting on sustainable energy – co-ordinating and enabling access to support, skills, knowledge and experience & sharing learning; Deliver capacity building / dissemination sessions, plus fact-finding trips to other community projects. LEAF creates an Action Force of officers and volunteers to drive projects moving Pembrokeshire towards a low carbon economy.

Project Achievements:

Local capacity is a key gap in community energy projects which LEAF will address. The projects themselves will all be technically innovative and bespoke to each community’s characteristics and opportunities.  Novel technologies and market / regulatory solutions are expected to arise, from which learning and replication opportunities can be shared with communities across Wales.

Project Beneficiaries:

Volunteers, landowners, business owners and householders in the following key project areas:

  1. Tavernspite micro-grid group
  2. Donkey Hill Transition Group (Llanteg Park)
  3. Tiers Cross Zero Carbon Community
  4. Milford Haven / Hubberston / Hakin: community anaerobic digester and virtual biogas pipeline
  5. St Davids tidal energy and onshore opportunities
Full Name:

Peter Davies

Contact Number:

07976 4570362


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