Theme 1


At Maenclochog the community identified the car park as the possible site of an early castle settlement from their study of old maps and documents. In partnership with Dyfed Archaeology and PLANED an archaeological dig was funded which confirmed the existence of a castle and prehistoric origins of the site.  The excavation generated much interest in the history of the village and two information panels are sited to explain the story and encourage local and tourists to visit.

Sense of place tours

“Sense of Place” tours were developed and organised to increase the knowledge within the tourism sector of what makes Pembrokeshire distinctive and special.   Visits included Llangloffan Fen, Porthgain, Nevern Castle, Pengelli Forest and Castell Henllys.

A guide to the military history of Pembrokeshire’s communities

Because of the enormous interest on the part of local communities and the wealth of local historians with considerable knowledge, PLANED as the Local Action Group established a Military History Working Group chaired by an eminent military historian from Pembrokeshire. The working group assisted local people in their research to find out more about their own community’s military past. The local historians and community members compiled a guide, which now includes fact sheets for over 40 communities across the county.

Outcomes include:

  • 40 communities researched
  • Increased awareness of Pembrokeshire’s military past
  • Development of new tourism products linked to Pembrokeshire’s military heritage, such as heritage interpretation panels at Templeton Airfield, Old Stables heritage centre in Dale, the Havens Area Military Heritage Trail.
  • Adding value to existing visitor attractions that promote Pembrokeshire’s military heritage as a resource of information.

View the Military History Guide to Pembrokeshire here or visit