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Arwain Sir Benfro / Meet the team


Jess Morgan

Animation Officer



Cris Tomos

Animation & Impact Officer



Steven Bradley

Implementation Manager



Emyr John

Co-operation & Networks Officer

Initiate regional, national and transnational links between innovation and research, transferring best practice models into mainstream delivery. He will also be looking to add a new dimension to local projects encouraging and supporting stakeholders to solve issues in innovative ways.

Theme 1 - Adding value to local identity and natural and cultural resources


Kate Lindley

Experience Pembrokeshire Link Officer

Promote the local distinctiveness and the natural and cultural resources of Pembrokeshire, linking community and voluntary activity with agencies, businesses and tourism providers.

Theme 2 - Facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains


Lynne Rees

Business Skills Officer

Ensuring greater collaboration and integration around facilitating pre-commercial development and business partnerships. Will also support opportunities which cultivate micro-business and support improving market access, profitability and sustainability.


Annie Slater

Rural Enterprise Link Officer

Assist in facilitating pre-commercial development and business partnerships. Will support opportunities to establish and build on business partnerships and develop short supply chains, and well as nurturing entrepreneurship.

Theme 3 - Exploring new ways of providing non-statutory local services


Alice Gardiner

Community Link Officer

Ensure greater collaboration and integration between communities and agencies around local services. With the introduction of the Wellbeing of Future Generations and new Social Services and Wellbeing acts, support is going to be needed to work with volunteers and organisations to develop and support ideas for developing innovative solutions to service provision and delivery.

Theme 4 - Renewable energy at community level


Roxanne Treacy

Community Renewable Energy Officer

Will support communities to explore renewable energy options and develop projects. She will also develop the Community Energy Network which supports communities that have identified energy opportunities and efficiency as part of their action plans.

Theme 5 - Exploitation of digital technology


Clive Jenkins

Digital Link Officer

Make the best use of new technology to engage local people in community planning and development, and secure further funding to improve the ICT infrastructure in communities. He will also promote digital inclusion.